There are two ways to use the                                         P.i.P. Box to maximize your
creative time.

First, any time you get the slightest
creative inspiration, you can go right
to your P.i.P. Box and start to play. No
need to hesitate because you don't
have enough time to complete the
project! Open up the P.i.P. Box and
take advantage of the guides inside
the box. When you need to stop just
secure loose elements with the
magnets and replace the lid. Put it on
the shelf until you can get back to it!

Here's how to use the P.i.P. Box when you need to stop working on your scrapbook page
layout or other craft project:

1. Let's say you are scrapping with
your friends and are well into a page
layout when you realize that you
need to get home.

2. Without adhering anything
to the page if you aren't ready, simply
lift the entire page into the P.i.P. Box.

3. Use the enclosed super-powerful
magnets to secure any loose elements.
They're so strong you don't need more
than two for each matted photo and they
work great on 3-dimensional objects, too!

4. Now replace the lid on the P.i.P. Box
and drop it into your craft tote, brief
case, or place it on a shelf in your craft
room. The next time you return to it
everything in your project will be right
where you left it! No more wasting time
trying to remember how you had your
elements arranged--No more crop flop!
The P.i.P. Box buys you more crafting time!
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