in Your Store...
It's easy! All we need is a copy of your resale license for our records and then
we can send you an application/order form. These can be sent by fax or file
attachments to email.  Just
click here to send us an email with your resale
license attached
You may also order the Cropperware Page in Progress Box through Notions
Marketing. Contact your rep today!
Here's Why You Need
to Put the
  1. Scrapbookers want a unique tool and will invest in a new
    addition to their supply tote.
  2. The P.i.P. Box draws new scrapbookers and gift buyers into
    your store!
  3. As a retailer, you will be listed on the "Where to Buy" page of
    this web site the moment your order is received.
  4. As additional                                  products are developed,
    you will have pre-order opportunities the other retailers may not.
How to become a P.i.P. Box Retailer:
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