"Thank goodness I don't have to
drop all of my page elements
into an envelope when my
husband gets home at the end
of the day."
- Joan W.
Here's what our P.i.P. Box test market had to say...
"I love my P.i.P. Box
so much I'm going to
keep one in my
scrap room and one
in my crop bag!"
- Susanne R.
"I look forward to when I
will open the P.i.P. Box
after not scrapping for a
few weeks and find where
my creativity left off--it'll be
like a gift to myself!"

- Pauline P.
"I hate when I lose my scrapbook
work to life's little day-to-day
surprises. Now my ideas stay fresh!"

- Robin V.
"No more crop flop with my P.i.P.
Box! My pages in progress really
do stay in place!

- Sheryl H.
"WOW!!! It really works!
Even the buttons and
ribbons stay put!"

- Paul A.
We know that scrapbookers are the most intelligent people on the planet.
Check out the great ideas fans of the P.i.P. Box have come up with!
Ideas & Testimonials

  • Spontaneity: Keep page elements in place
    while you run to your local scrapbook store
    to find the perfect embellishment.

  • Paper Piecing: Keep track of paper piecing
    parts and their instructions.

  • Scrapbook Co-Creation: Pass pages in
    progress back and forth.

  • Scrapping on Your Lap: At the game, on a
    plane, or in a car!

  • Teacher Time Saving: No more duplicate
    pages for demos!

  • Teacher Value Adding: Demo different
    looks with one page!

  • Quilting: Secure and plan quilt blocks in

  • Card Making:  Keep your card in progress
    in place.

  • Memorabilia: Store notes and pics in order
    so nothing is forgotten while vacationing.  No
    forgotten tickets!

  • Texturizing: Place a texture sheet in the
    Box, place a piece of paper on top, secure
    with magnets and rub away!  

  • Rub-Ons: Secure transfer rub-on over
    paper with magnets instead of fingers and
    rub away. No more accidental transfers!   

  • Stamp alignment: Secure paper with the
    magnets and place any straight surface
    down and secure with magnets. Stamp away!

  • Braiding embellishments: Place ends of
    fiber or floss under the magnets and braid
    without awkwardness!

Quilt in ProgressTM Box—Plan your quilt blocks without
pinning and in a portable way!

    Rubber Stamp Aligner / MaskerWhen you use the
    Page in Progress Box instead of your hands to stabilize
    your straight-edge or mask for rubber stamping, you can feel
    secure in knowing that nothing will shift, even if you sneeze!

    Rub-On Assistant—The magnets included in the
    Page in Progress Box are strong enough—and small
    enough—to hold your rub-ons in the empty spaces so that
    you don’t inadvertently transfer the wrong design or letter.

    Floss / Fiber Braiding Assistant—Use the magnets
    in the box instead of a table leg to secure the end of
    your friendship bracelets while you work!
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