The Vision in Progress Box is --

  • Fast and easy to put together
  • Flexible-- Swap out or add new
    items without messing with glue
  • Portable-- Put on the lid and bring
    it with you wherever you go:
    Travelling for work or on your
    vacation (where you should focus
    on your dreams)
  • Compact and convenient for
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Attention Law of Attraction followers and fans of "The Secret!"
Use the Page in Progress® Box to create a vision board that holds your
images in place without permanently adhering them and is portable, too!

  • Stuck on the idea of how to make a vision board?
  • Afraid of the permanence of the placement of each picture or word?
  • Have nowhere to put new images and don’t want to tear off the things you’ve
    already manifested?
  • Have no idea where to put your vision board where you can see it every day?
  • Wishing you could travel with your vision board?
Now your Vision Board can be created without committing to a
location in your home or ruining your images with glue!  Images are
held in place without committing them permanently to your board,
and your vision board remains portable and dust-free!
It's a Vision in Progress™ Box!
Comes with 15 magnets!
Hang it like a picture frame!
Display it on an easel!
Lean it on a bookshelf!
Glue magnet strips to the back and
hang it on your fridge--and it remains
Get a Page in Progress Box for you and buy one for a friend
who may be intimidated by the Vision Board creation process.
Visions in Progress!
Vision Boards are a key ingredient in the practice of the Law of Attraction!
The Law of attraction says that your brain, with the right focus and emotion, can attract
to you everything you desire. By creating a vision board you will have an essential tool to
get your subconscious imprinted with the things you desire, the career you deserve, and
the life you want to live!
ision in ProgressBox:

1. Place your images anywhere you want
in the box.

2. Hold them in place with the super-
powerful magnets included.

3. Put the lid on and you can take it with
you anywhere! None of your images will
move until you are ready to add more or
replace them.

Store it vertically in your briefcase or
backpack! Take it to work, in the car or on
the train.
No problem!
Only 19.99!