Cropperware LLC is a company of Outside the Box, Co.,a business ideas company
specializing in matters relevant to home and family. Mary Petto, owner of the company,
works with other creative minds to develop ideas that make loving homes more efficient and
less stressful. The Outside the Box team develops a great marketing, product or service idea
and then puts it to work.

Before the Cropperware® Page in Progress® Box came to life, Outside the Box’s most recent
creation was a unique interior decorating service that took off successfully right out of the gate.
Plans are in development to create licensing agreements so that even more customers can be served.

                Mary Petto draws on a diverse collection of experiences to develop unique
                business ideas and products. She began her interest in making the consumer’s
                world a better place while in college. Focusing on the art of communication,
                her liberal arts education enabled her to concentrate on the big picture and
                small picture simultaneously—a key ingredient to successful marketing.

                After college, she worked as an editor, copywriter, and ultimately a marketing
                director for Merrill Lynch and DLJ Securities. While successful at coming up
                with creative ways to communicate to investors about the benefits of mutual funds, Ms.
Petto longed to reach out to the broader population about products more personal to them.
She left financial services behind, paid her dues at an advertising agency as an account executive and
began her own business as a small business marketing consultant. With the assistance of her partner
and husband, Paul Petto, it was here she was happiest. Developing business names, logos, PR
campaigns and literature for entrepreneurs ranging from computer networking firms to singers to
image consultants, she took on new clients as she discovered their businesses and worked hard to
help them along.

Social Media
Since January 2010, Mary has been operating a full-service social media consultancy for small
business, personalities, big brands, and nonprofits. Information on her practice can be found here:

Mary Petto’s passion for assisting other enterprises was overshadowed by her passion for family
when she stopped full-time work to be a full-time mother, from 2000 - 2006. It was when she was
seven months pregnant with her first child that she discovered scrapbooking, and it was four weeks
after her first child was born that she discovered the need for a Page in Progress Box! Not able to
completely shed her business hat, Ms. Petto became a consultant with a direct-sales scrapbooking
company. Here she found a marketing researcher’s dream: access to the minds, opinions and homes
of home-makers and their families throughout the greater New Jersey area. Her most important
finding: Scrapbookers will overstay their welcome at a crop if they don’t have a way to keep their
scrapbook page in progress in place!

The Law of Attraction and Vision Boards
After reading the international bestseller, The Secret, Mary began putting the Law of Attraction to
work, and was met with success. By using the tools she learned about, she manifested many great
social media clients, a daily lifestyle that made her happy, and renewed relationships. Inspired to help
others with the application of visualization, she is in the process of introducing "LOAers" to her
patented P.i.P. Box as a means to create their Vision Boards.
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